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Media-Admin is a web-based media management application designed by Motion Video that allows users to track and manage a variety of media content anywhere there is Internet access. Be it images, or video content for the web, this collaboration tool not only aides in the creation of the highest quality deliverables in real time, but it also helps to decrease development time and production cost in the process. The user-friendly interface is inclusive and comprehensive.

Content managers will immediately discover the benefits of having a centralized location for co-workers or contractors to assign and track tasks while keeping everyone on the same page. Small, medium or large projects can be managed effectively on PC or MAC while avoiding the need for software installation or server maintenance.

Review, Edit, Approve

Users login to the site and are directed to only the project(s) you assign to them. Once they are at the assigned project they can make comments and suggest edits to media files.

For video clips, the system transfers timecode points from the video along with your comments. As you make edit suggestions, a complete history of the timecode points, edit notes and who made the comments along with the date and time are recorded. Click on any edit point and the system takes you directly to that spot within the video for a quick and more precise review.

When the reviewer is finished with making comments, the system will send an email with the edit information to other designated team members.

Once the requested edits are made, the content can be reposted for final review. The same process also applies to photos, PDF’s and other media.

User Management

Media-Admin’s user management lets you create users with different security roles and privileges that you define. Choose Project Managers, Reviewers, File Admins, and control which project they have access to.

-Review Videos

-Review Documents

-Review Photos

-Track Comments

-Track User Access

-Manage Projects

-Share Opinions