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30 Years of Experience Demo

Motion Video Drone Demo 

Chasing Hitler

Chasing Hitler

The Story of Special Film Project 186 

This broadcast documentary demo has been in production for the past 10 years. We have been collecting interviews and working on finalizing the untold stories of ten combat cameramen who risked their lives trying to produce a movie in the middle of a war.

Inside SWAT - A&E Special

Produced for A&E, the one hour show looks at the evolution of SWAT and how SWAT teams across the country will deal with the threat of terrorism. Motion Video produced the program in conjunction with Kurtis Productions for Investigative Report series. We handled, creative concept and show outline, scripting, location shooting, editing.

Syntell Technology in IndyCar

Produced as a broadcast segment illustrating how IndyCar uses Syntell technology products.

St Mary - Endoscopic Center

Produced for St Mary Medical Center, Tommy Green former Phillies pitcher is spokesman for the center.

Reality Show Sizzle Reels

Happy Hour America

Happy Hour America

A reality version of Cheers

Inside SWAT   A&E
Motion Video   30 Years of Experience
Indycar Syntel
Motion Video Drone Demo
Southco 70 Years of Innovation

Southco - 70 Years of Innovation

To celebrate Southco's 70th anniversary Motion Video produced this program interviewing over 130 employees traveling to Europe, China, Mexico, and several locations within the US.

The Lookaway Experience

The Lookaway Experience

Produced for Lookaway Golf Club to present an overview of the Club. The video features video drone footage along with interview comments from course designer Rees Jones.

St Mary Endoscopy Center

As we approach the 20th Anniversary of the Columbine HS Shooting this documentary project will take a close look at the psychological effects these active shooter events have had on our police, fire and EMS emergency responders; how our first responders have coped with their response to these horrific events; and the care and treatment of our emergency responders who may be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

First In 

Beyond The Game is a documentary that tells the story of how a group of African-American ball players and Major League Baseball changed and delt with the "Jim Crow" laws in florida in the early 1960's. Interviews include, Bill White, Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda and many others who lived through these times. This is currently in the development stage.

Beyond The Game