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Aerial Video Drone Cinematography

The development of small aerial video drones has altered aerial photography for ever. The freedom of movement allows for a unique perspective previously unattainable with other devices. Motion Video offers several aerial packages to suite your needs. We are registered with the FAA and in full compliance with FAA regulations. We utilize the most cutting edge aerial videography techniques and equipment to deliver the highest quality aerial media.

-DJI Phantom III Drone

-2 DJI Phantom II Drones

-Integrated GPS lock allowing drones to hover in place

-Real Time Live Video Monitoring

-3 Axis Gimbal Gyro Stabilation

-Ground Station Programming

-GoPro 4 4k HD or 1080i HD

Cost Effectiveness

A full size helicopter can cost many thousands of dollars. For some productions aerial photos and video may not be a consideration due to budget limitations. A video drone opens whole new world to productions that other wise would not be able to have aerial footage in their production.

Motion Video specializes in aerial video drone production for golf course and resorts. We not only provide aerial footage but package it with a complete video production that will enhance any application. We offer a variety of packages.

Motion Video Drone Demo

Motion Video Drone Demo

Motion Video Drone Golf Demo

Motion Video Golf Drone Demo