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Reality Show Projects

The Queens of New Hope Trailer

The Queens of New Hope

Miss Pumpkin and friends, a ready-made group who have been working together for many years. They are truly the classic drag queen group made up of three traditional queens, Miss Pumpkin, Thunder Showers, Summer Clearance, transgender queen, Donna St John and Ricky Crosby formerly Melissa Pairs, Ricky is a retired queen and is under pressure to make a big comeback. Along with our regulars, there are many queens ready to join in.


We follow a performing group of drag queens of New Hope Pennsylvania as they prepare for their upcoming

shows, we follow the backstage chaos, drama, and anxieties that occur behind the scenes.

Happy Hour America

Happy Hour America is a reality version of Cheers. The series take place in Doylestown Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.


With our diverse group of regulars we were able to capture their unscripted conversations. Topics like, politics, relationships, sex, parenting, work, and just plain happy hour fun. The idea is these topics are what people are talking about at happy hours all over the country, its common to all.


When in production there would be several locations similar to our demo. One in the south, mid-west, west coast. Each filming on the same night and dealing with the same topics. Then the best of the responses would be edited into the weekly show.

Happy Hour America