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Rates and Pricing

The Tour - $3,500.00


- Aerial fly over the clubhouse and club amenities, pool, practice range etc...

- High altitude views of the course layout

- Tee-to-green fly over of four holes of your choice

- Image processing including sky replacement

- Music and hole yardage graphics


The Masters Tour - $6,500.00


- Aerial fly over the clubhouse and club amenities, pool, practice range etc...

- High altitude views of the course layout

- Finished highlights video 5 minutes

- Tee-to-green flyover of all 18 holes, edited in individual videos or as one single video

- Image processing including sky replacement

- Music and hole yardage graphics



By Harry Donahue                                             The Tour - $300.00        The Masters Tour - $450.00

By Club Pro, Location Recording & Editing    The Tour - $150.00        The Masters Tour - $350.00

By In-house Narrator, Recording & Editing   The Tour - $125.00        The Masters Tour - $200.00

Script Writing Course descriptions - upon request

Additional Video

Ground video and low level drone                $1,500.00

Sunrise - Sunset drone                                    $750.00 each

Still Photography

Course and Clubhouse                                   $250.00 per hour

Events - upon request

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4 Month Payment Option is Available

All production rates do not include travel expenses outside of the Philadelphia region.

Aerial Golf Pre-Production Guide Lines


1, Selecting the right day of the week for filming. Depending if your club is private or public selecting the right to film is a critical part of this process. For private clubs, most Mondays might seem to be the best choice because most clubs are closed those days. However, Mondays are also when the most course maintenance is done so unless having mowers and ground crews is not something you want in your videos then Mondays is not always recommended. What might work better is a known slow golf day.


2, Advising golfers that aerial drone filming will be taking place. On the selected day, make sure the pro-shop or whom ever sets up the tee-off times lets golfers know this will be happening and between what times. It usually takes 5 to 6 hours for us to film all 18 holes. Also you will need to have each golfer to sign a general release form that allows the club to use and video or still photography they might be in for advertising use.


Generally we ask clubs to allow a gap of at least 30 minutes between the last group teeing off and our filming team. This will ensure that we do not film a group that is playing the same hole we are filming.


3, Course conditions. Since one of the most important aspect of aerial golf is presenting the course in its best condition. Even though we can enhance the look of the course electronically, like using our unique “Sky Replacement” technology where we can remove a gray or colorless sky and replace it with a beautiful blue sky, there are some considerations you will need to be aware of. First, in the summer months filming early in the morning is not recommended, most courses in this region will have due on the ground, this is greatly magnified from the air. Second, not to schedule filming right after fertilizing or other course treatments. The equipment tends to leave unwanted tire tracks. Also, if filming is within a day or so after a rain storm, please have the maintenance crew check the sand traps for standing water or water stained sand.


4, Post production options. Most courses we have filmed have chosen to further enhance the videos by selecting some of the various post-production options we offer. Such as, adding yardage information, music, and narration. If any of these options are desired, you should discuss this with our production team prior to filming.

5, Facility and clubhouse filming. In both of our packages we offer fly- overs of your clubhouse and other facility amenities such as a pool, tennis courts, driving range etc.… Please treat these as you would the course, have the clubhouse staff alerted to the filming day and times and have any members/guests sign a release form.


6, The final product. We recommend you consult with your clubs webmaster regarding where you will be placing the videos on your web site. We offer assistance in helping you get the most exposure out of your investment. Properly placing the videos to get the maximum interest in your club is of high importance to our organization. Weather its used on your site as a aerial tour or on social media driving new potential members/guests is part of our services we provide.