video samples

The samples are excerpts from completed programs.


Motion Video Inc. 

A brief 7 minute overview of various programs produced by Motion Video.


Southco Inc. 

Southco is a global manufacture of access hardware. They wanted a video that could be shown to potential new employees. Production elements: script to screen, concept, script, producing, global location shooting, editing, animations, graphics.

A&E Inside SWAT 

Shortly after 911, A&E wanted a special that gave a history of SWAT teams and how they were going to address the threat of terrorism. Production elements: Script to screen, concept, script writing, producing, location shooting, editing.

The Heart Center 

A look at Doylestown Hospital's new heart center. Production elements: Producing, location shooting, editing.

Surgical Procedures

Motion Video has extensive experience in producing, filming, and editing medical surgical procedures.

Breast Biopsy 

Hernia Repair 






Times Square 1999 

A look at Times Square 1999. Production elements: Script to screen, concept, script writing, location shooting, producing, editing.

Syntel - Indycar 

A video report on the integration of Syntel's computer tablet and the operations of Indycar team Target Chip Ganassi Racing. Production elements: Script to screen, location shooting, producing, editing.

Special Film Project 186 

This documentary is still in production. A World War II program featuring interviews of combat cameraman and their experiences during the war. Production elements: Script to screen, concept, producing, location interview shooting, film archiving production, editing.


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